Combined Flags

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2 months ago
Guess the mixed flags by the drawing!
48 random squares

Name the countries.

Nigeria and Canada

Japan and Nigeria

Ireland and Canada

Italy and Mali

54% got this right

The average flight time from Nigeria to Canada is 12 hours 59 minutes.
48 random squares

Guess the two countries!

Germany and Somalia

Belgium and Somalia

Germany and Senegal

Lithuania and Ghana

45% got this right

The German Government is one of the largest contributors to development cooperation with Somalia.
48 random squares

Guess what two countries!

Argentina and Angola

Guatemala and Angola

El Salvador and Bhutan

Brunei and Argentina

54% got this right

Both countries are a Presidential republic .
48 random squares

What are the names of these countries?

Spain and Israel

Spain and Morocco

Lebanon and Israel

Bolivia and Vietnam

55% got this right

Israel and Spain have maintained diplomatic ties since 1986.
48 random squares

Guess the flags!

Poland and Lebanon

Singapore and Lebanon

Indonesia and Iran

Poland and India

48% got this right

Poland has a population that is about 7 times bigger than Lebanon's.
48 random squares

Name the countries.

Ukraine and Türkiye

China and Ukraine

Türkiye and Romania

Taiwan and Kazakhstan

65% got this right

Ukraine is 77.03% the size of Türkiye.
48 random squares

Guess the Asian countries!

India and South Korea

Azerbaijan and India

South Korea and Oman

Nepal and Maldives

68% got this right

India is 3:30 hours behind of South Korea when it comes to time.