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Combined flags 2

(132 votes)
7 questions
Guess the two combined flags that are drawn!
48 random squares

Guess the two countries!

Belgium and Switzerland

Austria and Belgium

France and Norway

Germany and Denmark

58% got this right

Belgium and Switzerland are both multilingual countries and share two national languages, french and german.
48 random squares

What are these two flags?

Latvia and Barbados

Austria and Libya

Bahamas and Latvia

Switzerland and Albania

37% got this right

By plane, it would take you approximately 14 hours to get from Barbados to Latvia.
48 random squares

Guess the countries!

Botswana and Macedonia

Bosnia & Herzegovina and Guatemala

Macedonia and Honduras

Montenegro and Greece

Hard  32% got this right

None of the countries have a coastline.
48 random squares

What are the drawn countries?

Armenia and Tunisia

Algeria and Hungary

Libya and China

Tunisia and Germany

63% got this right

There is a three hour difference in time between Armenia and Tunisia.
48 random squares

Name the two countries!

Bulgaria and Albania

Albania and Lithuania

Hungary and Afghanistan

Iran and Kosovo

50% got this right

Bulgaria is about 3.9 times bigger than Albania.
48 random squares

Guess the two flags!

Ireland and Georgia

Denmark and France

Italy and Brunei

Ivory Coast and Georgia

38% got this right

Georgia is four hours ahead of Ireland in time.
48 random squares

Name the two countries!

Estonia and Japan

Canada and Azerbaijan

Estonia and Poland

Latvia and Singapore

Easy  85% got this right

Estonia is about 45,228 sq km, while Japan is approximately 377,915 sq km, making Japan 736% larger than Estonia.