Gkid’s Movie Time! (Halloween Edition)

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1 month ago

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Which Halloween film did Tyra Banks star in?

Halloween Resurrection

Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers

Halloween H20 20 Years Later

Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers

The Michael Myers mask is based on a Captain Kirk William Shatner mask that was spray painted white.

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What film is considered the current highest grossing horror film of all time?

It Chapter 1 (2017)

The Sixth Sense (1999)

I Am Legend (2007)

Jaws (1975)

The Sixth Sense was the highest grossing for a while with over $670 million until IT dethroned it with $700 million!

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Guess the Poster!

Trick r Treat

Trick r Treat was gonna have a theatrical release but Warner Bros pulled it last minute for a direct to dvd release

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What popular Wes Craven franchise has 5 movies and a 6th film coming soon in 2023?


A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Hills Have Eyes

The People Under the Stairs

Wes Craven originally turned down Scream twice as he was getting tired of directing horror until he read the script.

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Guess the Villain!


The Hell Priest

Pinhead/The Hell Priest doesn’t have a gender from the books which the films are based on.

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How many Chucky films are there in the franchise (not including the Child’s Play 2019 remake or Chucky TV Show)?





Chucky is one of the few franchises to have a recurring actor reprise the role of a villain in ALL films: Brad Dourif

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Who’s the actor who plays Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise?

Robert Englund

Like Brad Dourif for Chucky, Robert Englund reprised the role of Freddy in ALL the Nightmare on Elm Street films.

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What year did The Texas Chainsaw Massacre come out?





This would be Tobe Hooper’s first horror film he would direct which then he would do Poltergeist in 1982.

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How many Friday the 13th films have there been in the franchise?





Friday the 13th had been advertised in the news and theaters even BEFORE they had started production or had financing.

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What is the only horror film to have won Best Picture at the Academy Awards?

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

The Exorcist (1973)

Jaws (1975)

Get Out (2017)

All these films were nominated for Best Picture but only The Silence of the Lambs holds a Best Picture win.