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The Most Magnificent Mary Poppins Quiz

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8 questions
48 random squares

What seemingly ordinary object does Mary Poppins use to carry practically everything?

Bottomless carpetbag

Bottomless backpack

Endless pocket

Magical Hat

60% got this right

She pulled out a lamp, two mirrors, a hat stand, and other goodies.

Mary Poppins magically cleans the Banks' nursery while singing the iconic song "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."



Hard  20% got this right

The song occurs in the chalk-drawing outing animated sequence, just after Mary Poppins wins a horse race.

Bert has many jobs. Which is NOT one of his careers?


Chimney sweep

One man band

Street artist

57% got this right

Dick Van Dyke, who portrayed Bert, also portrayed Mr. Dawes Sr. (Mr. Banks' boss) in a dual role.

Where was Mary Poppins set?

71% got this right

The Banks children live at 17 Cherry-Tree Lane in London with their parents.

Which actress has NOT played Mary Poppins?

Blake Lively

Emily Blunt

Julie Andrews

50% got this right

Mary Poppins was Julie Andrews' big screen debut at the age of 29.

What happens at 8 am and 6 pm every day near the Banks' house?

A cannon is fired

A church bell rings

A trolley passes

An earthquake hits

60% got this right

Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle live in a house with a ship on the roof.

According to Mary Poppins, what type of promise is easily made, easily broken?

Pie crust promise

Chimney sweep promise

Crumble promise

Perhaps promise

Hard  17% got this right

Mary Poppins tells Michael "that's a pie crust promise! Easily made easily broken"

How much does it cost to buy a bag of crumbs to feed the birds?

A tuppence

A dollar

A penny

A sixpence

Hard  33% got this right

At the time, the British tuppence was equal to about four U.S. cents.