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More US Capitals

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This US state capital is also known as the racing capital of the world.

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The first Indy 500 took place in 1911.

What is the most populated US capital city, according to the 2020 census?

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Phoenix proper is home to 1,608,139 people.

Which US capital city is the site of many landmark civil rights events, like bus boycotts in 1955 and 1956?

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The Montgomery Bus Boycott was the first large-scale U.S. demonstration against segregation.

One state originally had two capital cities. The current capital became the sole capital in 1875.

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From 1701 to 1874, there were two capitals in CT, New Haven and Hartford.

What is the oldest capital city?

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Santa Fe was inhabited on a small scale in 1607 and settled by the conquistador Don Pedro de Peralta in 1609-10.

This capital's name comes from a Muskogee Native American word, which means “old fields” or “old towns.”

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Tallahassee has the third-tallest capitol building in the US.