Find US Capitals on a Map

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2 months ago

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Which capital city is home to the World of Coca-Cola museum?

Coca-Cola was created by Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton.

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Which capital is known as the "mile high city"?

Denver isn't the capital with the highest elevation— Santa Fe and Cheyenne are higher.

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Which capital city was named for a president after his assassination?

Lincoln, Nebraska was named after President Abraham Lincoln in 1867, only two years after he was assassinated.

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Which capital city contains the only replica of the Greek Parthenon?

The Parthenon houses the tallest enclosed sculpture in the Western Hemisphere (Athena Parthenos).

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Which is the only US capital city without a professional sports team?

Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are larger than Austin and have professional sports teams.

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Which city is the capital of New York state?

The New York state capital was moved to Albany in 1797.