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Even More US Capitals

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6 questions

This capital city is the Horse Show Capital of the World and, until 2021, had a working oil well on capitol grounds.

Hard  6% got this right

The oil has dried up but the oil well, named Petunia #1, remains on site.

What is the capital city of California?

Hard  27% got this right

Sacramento is known as "America's Farm-to-Fork Capital."

Nicknamed "The Biggest Small Town in America," this capital city was named after a famous explorer.

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Nearly half of the residents of the United States live within 600 miles of Columbus.

The only royal palace in the US is located in this capital city.

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Built in 1882, 'Iolani Palace was the royal residence of the rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi.

This capital city was the setting for Kathryn Stockett’s 2009 bestseller "The Help."

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Completed in 1842, the governor's mansion is the second-oldest continuously occupied governor's residence in the US.

The world headquarters of the Mormon Church is based in this capital city.

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More people visit Temple Square each year than the five National Parks in Utah.