USA: Where Was This Filmed?

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2 months ago

#1  Location  50 seconds  36% correct rate

Where was this parade filmed?

Walt Disney World Resort is about the same size as San Francisco!

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Where are these honky tonks located?

Nashville is known as Music City.

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Where can you find this bean-shaped sculpture?

The Bean (aka Cloud Gate) is located in Millennium Park.

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Where can you find the world's tallest arch?

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Where was this video filmed?

Thanks to its high concentration of hotels and casinos, Las Vegas is known as the brightest spot on Earth.

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Where is "the crookedest street in the world"?

Lombard Street is one of San Francisco's most popular landmarks.

#7  Location  50 seconds  68% correct rate

Where was this video filmed?

There's a law in New York that requires stores in Times Square to have a certain amount of lighting.