It Begins with V! (Mostly type answer)

It begins with V!
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The 14th Day of the 2nd Month

Valentines Day



Yes the 14th of February

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American lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailer known for it's models and line of underwear.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria Secret

Victorias Secret

Founded in 1977

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The only Olympic sport to currently begin with V


Currently only Volleyball begins with V

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Edward Jenner created the worlds first of these to protect people against smallpox?


Yes a vaccine, now commonplace.

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This country is home to the worlds tallest waterfall?


Vatican City



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What is the name of this classic Italian scooter?


First manufactured in 1946.

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What is the common name of this Fruit?

Vomit Fruit

Vaadim Fruit

Vindaloo Fruit

Venice Fruit

The fruit's proper name is Morinda Citrifolia.

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The full name of this fashion designer famous for her wedding dresses and perfumes?

Vera Wang

Vera Wang has been at the forefront of bridal design since the early nineties.

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The US State famous for being home to the CIA. Also cities such as Chesapeake and Arlington?


If you said Vermont, bad luck!

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This car make translates in latin as "I roll" and is one of Sweden's biggest exports.


Volvo was established in 1915 as a subsidiary of SKF, a ball bearing manufacturer.