Historical Atlas

A quiz about the historical globe... countries that are no more!
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10 months ago

#1  Location  50 seconds  28% correct rate  

Where on this map would you find the historical country of Ceylon?

Ceylon was the British Crown colony of present-day Sri Lanka between 1796 and 1948

#2  Location  50 seconds  58% correct rate

Where might you find the historic country of Persia on this map?

In the mid 1930s, the ruler of the country, moved towards formalising the name Iran instead of Persia.

#3  Type answer  30 seconds  71% correct rate

The historical country of Burma is now officially known as?


#4  Location  50 seconds  41% correct rate

Where on the map may you find Anatolia also known as Asia Minor?

It constitutes the major part of modern-day Turkey.

#5  Location  50 seconds  30% correct rate  

Where might you find the historic city of Peking?

Now renamed to Beijing... if you guessed Shanghai then bad luck.

#6  Buttons  20 seconds  41% correct rate

Siam was the former name of which country?





Siam is the former name of Thailand, and is used to refer to the historical region of Central Thailand.

#7  Location  50 seconds  14% correct rate  

Where would you find the former country of Zaire on this map?

A Congolese state from 1971 to 1997 in Central Africa and is now again known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo

#8  Buttons  20 seconds  33% correct rate  

Which country was known as Upper Volta until it changed its name in 1984 to this present day country?

Burkina Faso




A former french colony, renamed to Burkina faso which means Land of Incorruptible People.

#9  Location  50 seconds  17% correct rate  

This country was officially named "The Gold Coast" until changing its name in 1957?

Next door to the ivory coast.. who would have thought? Now called Ghana.

#10  Buttons  20 seconds  31% correct rate  

Rhodesia is now known as?





#11  Location  50 seconds  41% correct rate

Where would you find the historic country of Formosa?

Sometimes still referred to as Formosa.