Bond, James Bond.

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Which is Bond’s British Secret Service Agent number?


002, 003, 004 and 009 have all been killed in different movies.

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From whose novels are the James Bond movies originally adapted?

Ian Fleming

Robert Ludlum

Alistair MacLean

Tom Clancy

The character was created by Ian Fleming, with his first novel, Casino Royale being released in 1953.

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What was the first Bond film released in cinema?

Dr No

You Only Live Twice



Roald Dahl, the author of classics like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wrote the script for You Only Live Twice.

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Which Bond actors have been knighted by The Queen?

Sean Connery & Roger Moore

Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig

Timothy Dalton & Barry Nelson

David Niven & George Lazenby

Flemming didn't want Sean Connery as Bond, he thought Connery seemed to rough and was more stuntman than gentleman spy.

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Which of Bond’s many enemies owned a white cat?

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Auric Goldfinger

Le Chiffre


There are a total of 7 actors who have played Blofeld, while there are only 6 who have played Bond.

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Which of the following Bond movies is the highest grossing worldwide?



Casino Royale

Quantum of Solace

Skyfall’s cast went through 200,000 rounds of ammunition during weapons training.

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Who sings the Bond theme in No Time to Die?

Billie Eilish



Sam Smith

She was nearly 18 at the time of recording, making her the youngest artist to have written and recorded a Bond theme.

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Which of the following actresses has NOT appeared as a ‘Bond Girl’?

Charlize Theron

Halle Berry

Rosamund Pike

Michelle Yeoh

Honey Ryder is the famous Bond girl. She set the tone for all Bond girls to come.

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What's the name of this Bond villain?


While Jaws was in two James Bond films, he actually only had one short line of dialogue.

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Which Bond film has the highest rating on movie review site Rotten Tomatoes?


From Russia With Love

Dr. No

Casino Royale

Casino Royale from 1967 starring Peter Sellers has the lowest rating.