Napoleonic Wars quiz (HARD)

Only for the biggest Napoleonic Wars nerds.
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This quiz isn't as easy as you might think, it has questions that are unknown to most but known to the more hardcore Napoleonic fans so good luck with this lmao

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Who was the French general who successfully defended the city of Burgos from Arthur Wellesley?

Jean-Louis Dubreton

This was Wellington's biggest setback and resulted in his army being forced to pull back, and the French retaking Madrid

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What was the title of Napoleon's son during Napoleon's reign?

King of Rome

Viceroy of Italy

Duke of Ragusa

Prince of the Moskva

Viceroy of Italy was Napoleon's stepson Eugene, Duke of Ragusa was Marshal Marmont, and Prince of the Moskva was Ney

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Where was the Battle of Austerlitz fought?

It is often considered Napoleon's greatest victory.

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This French Marshal was elected Crown Prince of Sweden in 1810 and later King of Sweden in 1818. What was his name?


Charles XIV John

Bernadotte wasn't the only Marshal to become a king. Marshal Murat was also King of Naples from 1808-1815.

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What were the last words of Marshal Ney before his execution?

"I have fought a hundred battles for France, and not one against her."

"If you wish to spare me, fire at the heart!"

"I must die then at the hands of Frenchmen!"

"I will not kneel. Fire!"

Ney and Murat were the only Marshals executed by firing squad, though one marshal, Brune, was assassinated by a mob.

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Where was the Battle of Jena-Auerstadt fought?

As Napoleon was reviewing the Imperial Guard during the battle, one soldier yelled "Forward!", only to get rebuked by N.

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Who was the Marshal who was killed at the Battle of Aspern-Essling?

Jean Lannes

Other Marshals killed in action throughout the Napoleonic Wars include Bessieres and Poniatowski.

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Who was the French Marshal nicknamed "Napoleon's Wife"?


Napoleon said of him after Waterloo: "If Berthier had been there, I would not have suffered this misfortune."

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Who was the commander of the Lee column at the Battle of Trafalgar?

Cuthbert Collingwood

Samuel Hood

Horatio Nelson

Frederico Gravina

Over 70 ships were involved in the Battle of Trafalgar.

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From 1798 to 1800, America and France were in an undeclared war. What was this war called?


Pastry War

Barbary War


This was one of 115+ undeclared wars America has fought in.

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Napoleon came to power on November 9, 1799. Using the French Revolutionary calendar, what was the date?

18 Brumaire

Beethoven would dedicate his Third Symphony to Napoleon, but later revoked it after hearing of Napoleon's coronation.

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Napoleon is entombed in what used to be a military hospital. What is the name of this building complex?

Les Invalides

The remains of Napoleon were moved to France in 1840, but was only placed in its current location in 1861.

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Napoleon created "Marshal of the Empire" shortly after becoming Emperor in 1804. How many generals earned this title?





The total number never exceeded 20 at one moment.

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This Marshal was wounded 34 times yet lived to the age of 80. Who was this effective bullet sponge?

Nicolas Oudinot

Michel Ney

Jean Lannes

Joachim Murat

One observer, bathing with him once, said "He was nothing more than a colander."

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This Marshal was only Marshal for 3 days. Who was this Marshal?


Jozef Poniatowski

Józef Poniatowski

Made Marshal during the Battle of Leipzig, he drowned near the end of the battle.