Famous Battles

A quiz on famous battles! How well do you know your historic battles?
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11 months ago

#1  Location  50 seconds  24% correct rate  

Where did the famous battle between William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson in 1066 take place?

The Battle of Hastings, Harold Godwinson was shot in the eye with an arrow.

#2  Buttons  20 seconds  73% correct rate

What was the name of the wars between 1095 and 1291 intended to recover the holy land?

The Crusades

The Punic Wars

The Hundred Years War

Bataille de Conquête

The Crusades took place all over Europe too.

#3  Location  50 seconds  78% correct rate

The D-Day landings in World War 2 took place across 5 different beaches. Can you locate the area?

The 5 beaches were code-named Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha and Utah.

#4  Location  50 seconds  36% correct rate

The Battle of Stalingrad was a major battle in WW2. Where was it?

It has since been renamed to Volgograd.

#5  Buttons  20 seconds  65% correct rate

The Battle of Gettysburg was an American war in which conflict?

American Civil War

American Revolutionary War

Mexican - American War

World War I

#6  Location  50 seconds  56% correct rate

The Battle of the Somme in WW1 took place in this region.

From the Somme down to Verdun this battlefield was actually quite large.

#7  Buttons  20 seconds  75% correct rate

Which two countries were mainly involved in the battle of Waterloo?

United Kingdom & France

Spain & Germany

Ireland & Denmark

France & Turkey

#8  Location  50 seconds  32% correct rate  

The Battle of Marathon was a Persian invasion of Greece. Can you locate Marathon?

The First Persian invasion of Greece, It was fought between the citizens of Athens and a Persian force

#9  Buttons  20 seconds  39% correct rate

The Seige of Madrid was a battle during which conflict?

Spanish Civil War

The Reconquista

Spanish Crusade

War of Spanish Succession

#10  Location  50 seconds  63% correct rate

Where did the Pearl Harbor bombings take place?

Pearl Harbor was a US military base in Honolulu Hawaii.

#11  Buttons  20 seconds  68% correct rate

The Battle of Trafalgar was fought between the British and which two countries combined naval fleets?

France & Spain

Belgium & Netherlands

Sweden & Finland

Spain & Portugal

As part of Napoleon's plans to invade England, the French and Spanish fleets combined to control the English Channel.

#12  Location  50 seconds  19% correct rate  

This island country has been involved in battles like; Siege of Medina, Morean war and an Island of the British in WW2?

Malta is now independent but has been owned and fought over by many countries and empires.