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Where is Rome?

55% got this right


Rome became the capital city of a unified Italy in 1871, taking the title from which city?





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The capital of Italy was Turin from 1861 to 1865, then Florence from 1865 to 1871, and then finally Rome.

The legend of Rome's founding involves two abandoned brothers who were rescued by a she-wolf. What were the boys' names?

Remus & Romulus

Frederic & Niels

Papa & Monty

Rufus & Roman

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The brothers wanted to found a new city, but couldn’t agree on the name. A fight ensued, and Romulus killed Remus.

Where is the Colosseum, the most famous landmark in Rome?

Hard  21% got this right


Still holding the title of largest amphitheater in the world, how long did it take to build the Colosseum?

10 years

30 years

50 years

70 years

Hard  10% got this right

After only eight short years the building was inaugurated, with finalizations only taking an additional two years.

In 2007, the Roman Colosseum became one of the Seven _______ of the World. Fill in the blank

New Wonders


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Where is the Roman Pantheon?

Hard  2% got this right

The Pantheonis a former Roman temple.

The original use of the Pantheon is undocumented. In 609 AD, Pope Boniface IV converted it into what?

A Church

A Forum

A Library

A Theater

Hard  33% got this right

A rough history states that Christians were complaining about being plagued by pagan ghosts that haunted the building.

In the 17th century, in order to make the Pantheon more resemble a church, what was added to the building?

Two bell towers

A cross

Stained Glass

Two steeples

Hard  21% got this right

Afterwards, in the 19th century the two bell towers were removed since their nicknames became "ass’s ears"

Rome is the most visited city in Europe. True or False?



46% got this right

Rome is the 3rd most visited city in Europe after London and Paris. Rome is the 16th most visited city in the world.

What independent state is located within Rome?

The Vatican

The Vatican City


Vatican City

77% got this right

The small state has been recognized as independent from Italy since February 11, 1929.