Marbella Trivia

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11 months ago

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What is this famous Marbella port called?

Puerto Banus

Puerto Sangria

Puerto Nuevo

Puerto Grande

The full name of the port is "PUERTO DEPORTIVO JOSÉ BANÚS"

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What is the name of the autonomous community where Marbella is located?



Castile and León


The population of Andalucia is 8.5 million.

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La Concha is the famous mountain overlooking Marbella, what does La Concha mean?

The seashell

The peak

The breast

The Mother

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What is the name of this famous "plaza" in Marbella?

Plaza de los Naranjos

Plaza de Los Pobres

Plaza Ingles

Plaza Cerveza Grande

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This beautiful statue is to be found in Marbella, who made it?

Salvador Dali

Pablo Picasso

Francisco Goya

El Greco

The statues official name is "Rhinoceros Dressed in Lace".

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Which one of the actors in Stranger Things was born in Marbella?

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven)

Winona Ryder (Joyce)

Finn Wolfhard (Mike)

Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin)

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This is María Ángeles Muñoz, mayor of Marbella. Which party does she belong to?

People's Party

United We Can



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I hope you enjoyed my Marbella quiz. See you soon!