Let's go to the movies!

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4 months ago

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Which movie is depicted here?

The Matrix Resurrections



John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Keanu Reeves resurrected his role as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections.

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Which iconic movie couple is depicted here?

Rose and Jack

Sally and Harry

Molly and Sam

Noah and Allie

Rose and Jack are the famous couple from Titanic.

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Where was this movie filmed?

Pretty Woman was filmed in Beverly Hills, California.

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Which movie is depicted here?

The Blair Witch Project

Paranormal Activity

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Ring

The Blair Witch Project cost $60,000 to make and made back $248 million.

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Which iconic holiday film is shown here?

It's a Wonderful Life

White Christmas

Holiday Inn

Beyond Tomorrow

Despite being set around Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life was filmed during a heat wave.

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How old is the character in this clip?




The movie doesn't tell us her age

In 13 Going on 30, Jenna Rink's wish to be 30 is granted 13 minutes into the film.

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What year did this movie premiere?





Top Gun was released May 16, 1986.

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What happens next?

Elle teaches Paulette the "bend and snap"

Kyle asks for Paulette's number

Elle leaves the salon

Bruiser bites Kyle

According to Elle, the bend and snap has a “98 percent success rate of getting a man's attention.”

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What iconic line does Brody deliver after this shark sighting?

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Smile, you son of a...

I used to hate the water.

I need a drink.

After Bruce appears, Brody says, "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

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What song is playing on the boombox?

In Your Eyes

When I See You Smile

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Don't Wanna Lose You

Lloyd played In Your Eyes for Diane.