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Where were they born? (Famous people)

(15 votes)
15 questions
Identify where in the world the famous person pictured was born

In this quiz, a famous person will be shown in each question, and you need to pinpoint where they were born on the world map


Where was this legendary screen star born?

Hard  29% got this right


Where was he born?

51% got this right

Thal is a village in the Austrian state of Styria, about 3.2 kilometres west of Graz, Austria's second largest city

This famous scientist won 2 Nobel Prizes and made major advances in cancer treatment. Where is her birthplace?

41% got this right

Along with husband Pierre, Marie Curie is also remembered for discovering the elements radium and polonium.

Where was this internationally renowned actor born?

Hard  4% got this right

Anthony Hopkins, winner of 2 Oscars (for "The Silence of the Lambs" & "The Father"), was born in Margam, Wales

This author wrote the novel "Dracula". But where was this author born?

Hard  20% got this right

The park adjacent to the Dublin author's house is now called "Bram Stoker Park".

Where was this famous actor born?

Hard  2% got this right

Mbabane is one of the two capitals of Eswatini (previously called Swaziland)

Where was this well known actor and comedian born?

Hard  13% got this right

Both Mike Myers' parents are from Liverpool, England. His work frequently involves British characters and references.

Where was this screen legend born?

Hard  16% got this right

Liam Neeson was born & raised in Ballymena, County Antrim.

Where were these world famous brothers, whose music helped define the disco genre, born?

Hard  5% got this right

The main BeeGees members (Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb) were born in the Isle of Man, then lived in England & Australia

Where was this iconic 20th Century revolutionary figure born?

Hard  18% got this right

Che Guevara became a major figure in the Cuban Revolution, and an international icon for counterculture.

Where was she born?

Hard  32% got this right

Rihanna was born in St. Michael, Barbados, in February 1988

Where was this screen star, known for such films as "Eyes Wide Shut", born?

Hard  23% got this right

Although raised in Sydney Australia from age 3, Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii, where her parents were studying

Where was this star and co-creator of "The Office" born?

Hard  11% got this right

Ricky Gervais, who played the iconic David Brent, was born in the Reading suburb of Whitley

Where was this legendary comedian/actor/musician (among other things) born?

Hard  30% got this right

Billy Connolly was born in Anderston, in Glasgow, Scotland.