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Guess the European country from the clue

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11 questions
Identify the European country from the clue

Identify which European country the clues refer to. Either on the map, or type the answer.


This country was re-unified in 1989, after a certain famous wall was destroyed


77% got this right

The Berlin Wall fell on the 9th of November, 1989

This iconic statue, in New York City, was built in this country

47% got this right

"Lady Liberty" is struck by lightning 600 times every year

Until 2023, the record holder for the most Eurovision Song Contest wins was Ireland. Which country matched this record?


65% got this right

With 7 victories each, Ireland and Sweden tie as the most successful countries at the Contest.

The cocktail "Aperol Spritz" originated in this country


Easy  84% got this right

It was only in the 2010s that the Aperol Spritz grew in popularity outside of (mainly northern) Italy

This statue of fictional detective "Columbo", and his dog is found in this country's capital

Hard  5% got this right

Just one more thing: Peter Falk's ancestry is from Hungary, so they commemorated him with the statue

This country has Europe's oldest monarchy

Hard  10% got this right

The king of Denmark's heritage can be traced back more than a thousand years

The airport in this country's capital sells more chocolate per year than any other in the world

Hard  22% got this right

Over 800 tonnes of chocolate is sold every year at Brussels airport

This Baltic country has the world's tallest women by average height, and contains the widest waterfall in Europe.

Hard  8% got this right

Women born in 1996 in Latvia are, on average, 169.80cm — or around 5ft 7in.

This country's national animal is the unicorn


39% got this right

Scotland is very nice

The smallest town in Europe can be found in this country

Hard  6% got this right

The little town of Hum is found in the northwest of Croatia, and the population is only 30 people.