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Mistakes in a living room design

(24 votes)
10 questions

What is the recommended height for a TV in a living room?

42 inches

30 inches

50 inches

60 inches

50% got this right


Why is it important to evaluate the features of seating in the context of the purpose of the space?

To prioritize comfort

To ensure durability

To follow trends

To match the color scheme

69% got this right


What is the purpose of having smaller c-tables or drink tables in a living room?

To create vignettes with decor items

To block pathways

To provide extra seating

To store large items

50% got this right


What is the benefit of using ambient lighting in a living room?

Provides a cozy and relaxed feel

Casts unflattering shadows

Causes glare from a single light source

Creates a cold and harsh environment

67% got this right


How can you make a space feel more comfortable and inviting?

Arrange furniture around a focal point

Keep the room dark

Spread seating far apart

Use only leather furniture

76% got this right


Why is it recommended to keep the colour temperature of lighting in a living space on the warmer side?

To create a cozy and intimate atmosphere

To increase glare

To make the room feel cold and harsh

To match the wall color

70% got this right


The purpose of using area rugs in a room is to add depth and texture.



75% got this right


What is the minimum requirement for the size of an area rug in a living room?

Only the front legs of the seating must fit on it

It should be at least 5 feet by 5 feet

It should be at least 8 inches bigger than the seating area

All furniture pieces must fit on top of it

Hard  16% got this right


What is the purpose of fabric window treatments in a room?

To increase acoustical comfort

To add texture to the walls

To block natural light completely

To create a minimalist look

Hard  24% got this right


What is the final step in creating a conversation-friendly seating layout?

Bringing in comfy furniture

Adding lamps and artwork

Hanging drapery panels

Placing pottery around the room

49% got this right