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Which Event Happened First? (History)

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14 questions
Test your knowledge of historical events and see if you can identify which event happened first!

In each question, choose which event happened earliest (multiple choice questions)


Which occurred first?

The Beginning of the Bronze Age

The Beginning of the Iron Age

57% got this right

The beginning of the Bronze Age is conventionally dated to the mid-4th millennium BC; Iron Age from around 1200 BC

Which of these events was the earlier?

First record of The Olympic Games

The Roman Republic is Founded

38% got this right

Olympic Games first recorded: 776 BC Roman Republic founded: 509 BC

Which happened earliest?

Joan of Arc is burned at the stake

The Great Fire of London

U.S. Declaration of Independence

65% got this right

Joan of Arc executed: 1431. Great Fire of London: 1666. U.S. Declaration of Independence: 1776

Which came first?

The F.B.I. is established

Mickey Mouse is created by Walt Disney

Persia becomes Iran

Hard  15% got this right

F.B.I. established by J Edgar Hoover: 1924. Mickey Mouse created: 1928. Persia becomes Iran: 1935.

Which historical event happened first?

First FIFA World Cup is hosted

Beginning of World War 2

Division of North and South Korea

46% got this right

First FIFA World Cup: 1930. World War II begins: 1939. Division of N and S Korea: 1948.

Which was the earliest?

The first wave of the "Black Death" spreads throughout Europe

Christopher Columbus first arrived in America

Leonardo da Vinci begins the "Mona Lisa"

45% got this right

In the first year (1346), an estimated 20 to 40% of Europe's population was thought to have perished of bubonic plague

Which of these occurred first?

First Viking raid in England

Battle of Hastings takes place

Gunpowder is invented

57% got this right

Vikings attack Lindisfarne, England: 793 A.D. First record of gunpowder: 806 A.D. (in China). Battle of Hastings: 1066

Choose the earliest of these events

First programmable electric computer is built

First images of Earth taken from space

The People's Republic of China is formed

Hard  31% got this right

The "Colossus" computer completed: 1943. First images of Earth from space: 1946. People's Republic of China formed: 1949

Which event occurred first?

Napolean Bonaparte dies

Abolition of slavery in the U.S.A.

The word "dinosaur" is first used to describe the animals

55% got this right

Napolean Bonaparte died: 1821. "Dinosaur" is first used: 1842. Abolition of slavery in the U.S.: 1865.

Of these, which was the earliest occurrence?

First commercial automobile sold

Fingerprinting is officially adopted

The Eiffel Tower is completed

35% got this right

First car in production was completed in 1886, by Carl Benz. (Eiffel Tower: 1889. Fingerprinting adopted: 1892)

Of these events, which occurred first?

The film "Predator" is released

Artist Salvador Dali dies

Hubble Space Telescope is launched

The fall of the Soviet Union

Hard  14% got this right

"Predator" (U.S.) release: 1987. Salvador Dali dies: 1989. Hubble launch: 1990. Dissolution of the Soviet Union: 1991.

Which happened first?

The Chernobyl Disaster

Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Channel Tunnel is opened

The first website becomes publicly available online

Hard  29% got this right

The Chernobyl Disaster: 1986. Berlin Wall Falls: 1989. The first website is launched: 1991. Channel Tunnel opened: 1994

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