Classic Country Music

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Which song earned Bob Wills a top 10 hit in 1950?

Faded Love

Ring of Fire

I Will Always Love You

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

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Which country singer died in the backseat of his car on New Year’s Day 1953?

Hank Williams

Bob Wills

Bill Monroe

Jimmie Rodgers

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What title did Bob Wills earn?

King of Western Swing

King of Kings

Country's King Kong

Country King

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What was Charley Pride's 1970 hit?

Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone

He Stopped Loving Her Today

Your Cheatin' Heart

Walking the Floor Over You

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Which of these songs was NOT a hit for Ernest Tubb?

You Are My Sunshine

I'm Walking the Floor Over You

Drivin' Nails in My Coffin

Thanks a Lot

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Who is the "coal miner's daughter"?

Loretta Lynn

Dolly Parton

Patsy Cline

Kitty Wells

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Which title did Wanda Jackson earn?

Queen of Rockabilly

Queen of Country Music

The Smoky Mountain Songbird

Country's Little Lady

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Which nickname was given to country singer George Jones?



Prince George


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Who sang duets with George Jones while married to him?

Tammy Wynette

Taylor Swift

Patsy Cline

Kitty Wells

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Where is the home of the "Grand Ole Opry"?

Nashville, Tennessee

Shreveport, Louisiana

Benson, Arizona

Washington, DC

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What was Ernest Tubb's band called?

Texas Troubadours

Texas Playboys

Dixie Diesels

Drifting Cowboys