Guess the 70s Movie from the Music

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5 months ago

#1  Buttons  20 seconds  29% correct rate  

Which theme song is being played here?


Uptown Saturday Night

Cleopatra Jones

Foxy Brown

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Who is the lead actor in this film?

John Travolta

Robert Redford

Burt Reynolds

Richard Dreyfuss

John Travolta stars as Tony Manero in the 1977 film, Saturday Night Fever.

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Who is the "deaf, dumb, and blind kid" referenced in this song?





"Tommy" is a rock opera by The Who.

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What is the name of the film which features this song?

Car Wash


Super Fly

A Piece of the Action

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What is the main character's name in the movie that features this song?

James Bond

Joe Turner

Col. Kurt Steiner

The Jackal

The name's Bond... James Bond.

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Which film features this song?


Hard Times

Enter the Dragon

The Warriors

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Which 1970s film featured this song, which Willie Nelson covered in 2001?

The Muppet Movie

Pete's Dragon

Puff, the Magic Dragon

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

Kermit sings "Rainbow Connection" in "The Muppet Movie."

#8  Buttons  20 seconds  47% correct rate

Which cult classic features this song?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Harold and Maude


Little Shop of Horrors

#9  Buttons  20 seconds  67% correct rate

What are the names of the characters singing?

Danny and Sandy

Doody and Frenchy

Marty and Sonny

Danny and Rizzo

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Which film features this song from the 1950s?

American Graffiti

The Last Detail

Big Wednesday

Saturday Night Fever