Asia: Where was this filmed?

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2 months ago

#1  Location  50 seconds  68% correct rate

Where can you find this busy crosswalk?

Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing is the world's busiest pedestrian crossing, with up to 3,000 people crossing at a time.

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Where was this video filmed?

Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that has never been colonised by a European power.

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Where are the tallest twin towers in the world located?

The Petronas Towers are 88-story towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Where is this city of skyscrapers?

Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor” in Chinese.

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Where can you find this infamous train street?

In autumn of 2022, the authorities closed this street due to safety risks.

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Where is this palace located?

The Forbidden City was the political and ritual center of China for over 500 years.