Olympics Locations

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As of 2022, which city has hosted the highest number of Olympics?

By 2028, Paris and Los Angeles will also have hosted three Olympic Games.

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Muhammad Ali lit the flame at the 1996 Olympics. Where did that take place?

After being turned away from a whites-only restaurant, Ali threw his medal in a river. In '96, he received a replacement

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At the 2000 Olympic Games, North and South Korea marched as one. Where did this take place?

In Sydney, they carried the "flag of unification", a single blue-on-white flag depicting the Korean peninsula.

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Where did the first modern Olympics take place in 1896?

The first Olympic athletes in Athens were all European, or living in Europe, with the exception of the USA team.

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Which South American city is the first and only to host the Summer Olympic Games?

Rio de Janeiro hosted the 2016 Olympics.

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Where will the 2024 Olympics take place?

Paris will host the 2024 Olympics.