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Finish the lyrics

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In this quiz, you will finish the lyrics of the song. If you wait long enough the answer might get revealed.


(No text)

I'm your biggest fan

Stop talking and start doing

You are my ceiling fan

You are the reason why


(No text)

Girl, you know I want your love

Girl, I know you want my love

Girl, how do you want my love

Girls, why do you want my love


(No text)

Getting paid is her forte

Firecrackers in the sky

Going solo is his thingy

Looking laid is my hobby


(No text)

Them good girls, straight masterpieces

Them fat toys, always cool

Them ripped boys, had cool girls

Them tiny chics, narrow swallow


(No text)

I don't wanna meet you nowhere

Flower power brain bower

I would meet you anywhere

You can't dig my style


(No text)

Put a gun against his head

Flew an airplane to the lord

Held a flower to his throat

Took the peace to the ground


(No text)

I'm gonna swing from the chandalier

I want to be the signifier

Who's the real financier

You're gonna win the chevalier

Easy  80% got this right


(No text)

Cause this is Africa

I ate a paprica

It's time for Africa

Now it is Africa