Finish the lyrics

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11 months ago

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In this quiz, you will finish the lyrics of the song. If you wait long enough the answer might get revealed.

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I'm your biggest fan

You are the reason why

You are my ceiling fan

Stop talking and start doing

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Girl, you know I want your love

Girl, I know you want my love

Girl, how do you want my love

Girls, why do you want my love

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Getting paid is her forte

Looking laid is my hobby

Going solo is his thingy

Firecrackers in the sky

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Them good girls, straight masterpieces

Them tiny chics, narrow swallow

Them ripped boys, had cool girls

Them fat toys, always cool

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I don't wanna meet you nowhere

You can't dig my style

I would meet you anywhere

Flower power brain bower

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Put a gun against his head

Held a flower to his throat

Flew an airplane to the lord

Took the peace to the ground

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I'm gonna swing from the chandalier

You're gonna win the chevalier

Who's the real financier

I want to be the signifier

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Cause this is Africa

It's time for Africa

Now it is Africa

I ate a paprica