Horrible hauntings

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What is the name of the seventeenth-century merchant ship that haunts the high seas?

Flying Dutchman

Queen Anne's Revenge

Whydah Gally

Quedagh Merchant

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Which witch is featured in the 1999 horror film set in the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland?

Blair Witch

The Scarlet Witch

Sybil Hallow

Bonnie McCullough

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Who is known as "the friendly ghost"?



Nearly Headless Nick


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Which ghost manifested itself as various animals and quoted Bible verses from 1817-1821 in Tennessee?

Bell Witch

Minnie Quay

Old Book

Greenbrier Ghost

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Who will appear if you say her name three times in front of a mirror in a dark bathroom?

Bloody Mary

Kate Morgan

Ghost of Queen Esther

Greenbrier Ghost

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Where is the hotel haunted by Kate Morgan?

Kate Morgan haunts the Hotel del Coronado in California.

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Several ghosts have been spotted in the White House. Which former resident does NOT haunt 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Zachary Taylor

Abraham Lincoln

Dolley Madison

Abigail Adams

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In which US state would you find the Ridgeway Ghost?





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Which Italian-born British Opera singer haunts the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Australia?

Frederick Federici

Edwin Booth

Henry Willis

Piero Cappuccilli

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Which ghost haunts Holyrood Palace, the British monarch's official residence in Scotland?

Bloody Agnes

The Brown Lady

Nan Tuck's Ghost

Sweet William's Ghost