Grey's Anatomy Trivia

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Test your knowledge of the popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy with this fun quiz!

Who is the creator of Grey's Anatomy?

Shonda Rhimes

Vince Gilligan

J.J. Abrams

Lisa Joy

Hard  16% got this right

Shonda Rhimes is also the creator of Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.

What is the current name of the hospital in Grey's Anatomy?

Grey Sloan Memorial

Meredith Grey Hospital

Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital

Seattle Grace

Hard  34% got this right

It was originally called Seattle Grace Hospital, but the name changed to honor doctors who died in a plane crash.
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Which actor played Dr. Derek Shepherd?

Patrick Dempsey

Eric Dane

Kevin McKidd

Justin Chambers

Hard  32% got this right

Patrick Dempsey's character is often referred to as 'McDreamy'.

What is the nickname of Dr. Miranda Bailey in Season 1?

The Nazi

Boss Babe


The General

50% got this right

Dr. Bailey earned her nickname due to her tough and demanding personality.
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Which character is known for their photographic memory?

Lexie Grey

Meredith Grey

Cristina Yang

April Kepner

Hard  32% got this right

Meredith Grey's half-sister, Lexie Grey, died in a plane crash in Season 8.

Which character moved to Los Angeles after their divorce, but returned to Seattle in Season 18?

Addison Montgomery

Mark Sloan

George O'Malley

Arizona Robbins

50% got this right

Addison Montgomery's spin-off show in LA was called Private Practice.

During her Covid-induced coma, which character did NOT show up on the beach with Meredith?

Christina Yang

Lexie Grey

Derek Shepherd

Andrew DeLuca

56% got this right

Lexie Grey's scene was shot with green screen since the actress was in Canada during the pandemic.

Officially called Emerald City Bar, what is the nickname of the bar frequented by the doctors?

Joe's Bar

Mike's Pub

O'Malley's Tavern

The Scrub Room

54% got this right

Derek and Meredith met at Joe's Bar the day before her first shift at the hospital.