The Declaration of Independence

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What are the natural rights alluded to in the Declaration of Independence?

Rights that all people are entitled to

Rights given by laws

Rights that evolve with society

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Which example describes natural rights?

Rights that should be protected by government

Rights given under specific circumstances

Rights granted to only certain citizens

Rights restricted by government

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Why were taxes an ongoing source of conflict for the American colonists?

They were taxed without having representation in Parliament

They paid higher taxes than those living in England

They felt the taxes should be invested in colonial infrastructure

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Which best describes the purpose of the Second Continental Congress?

Leaders who worked to create the Declaration of Independence

British soldiers who collected taxes from colonists

Colonists who rioted in the streets against taxation without representation

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What purpose did the introduction to the Declaration of Independence serve?

It indicated why independence was necessary

It listed colonial grievances against the Crown

It detailed how to change the Declaration

It declared independence from Britain

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Which describes the natural rights influenced by John Locke during the Enlightenment?

“They are endowed by their Creator; Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness"

“Governments are instituted among Men”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident”

“It is their right, to throw off such government”

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The Declaration of Independence refers to the Rights being unalienable. What does unalienable mean?


not foreign



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Which best describes the main action called for by the Declaration of Independence?

To give the United States the power of self-government

To seek peace with Great Britain

To declare war on Great Britain

To create the First Continental Congress

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Who was appointed to write the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

John Locke

Thomas Paine

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What is a grievance?

A complaint of a problem

An amount of money taken to settle a dispute

A sauce made from cooked meat juices

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One grievance listed is "depriving us of the benefit of Trial by Jury." Which legal change most likely came from this?

Due process of law was implemented

New judges were given power

All colonial court cases were retired

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Where did the Second Continental Congress meet?




New York City

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What is another word for Parliament?


United States


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What day was the Declaration of Independence actually officially signed?

August 2, 1776

January 1, 2022

July 4, 1776

December 2, 1777

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How many grievances were listed in the Declaration of Independence? It’s the same number as Constitutional amendments!