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Is It Edible?

(123 votes)
15 questions
Do you know your food? Well, I doubt you'll know these ones

You will be presented with 4 dishes - your job is to figure out which of them is real. Every 3rd round is a true or false if the dish exists. Bon appetit


Which is the real dish?

Grilled Pig's Blood

Leather Crisps

Pickled Ox Toes

Sheep Eye Candy

38% got this right

While the Black Pudding of the UK has other additives, like oats and meat, the Betamax of the Philippines is just blood.

Which is the real dish?

Horse Sashimi

Poached Monkey Testicles

Rat Ear Soup

Stir-fried Bear Claws

Hard  27% got this right

Basashi is thinly sliced raw horse meat served with ginger and soy sauce. It really is horse sashimi.

Chicken eggs boiled in urine

Real Dish (True)

I Wish (False)

43% got this right

Also known as Virgin Boy Egg, these eggs go back centuries in China

Which is the real dish?

Cheese with Live Maggots

Cheese with Cow Blood

Cheese with Fish Guts

Cheese with Tree Bark

44% got this right

Also known as Casu Martzu, it's made in Italy. Apparently, it's unsafe to consume if the maggots are dead.

Which is the real dish?

Fermented Shark Meat

Coral Salad

Grilled Anemone

Pickled Whale Fat

48% got this right

Hakarl is shark meat left to dry in the sun for months to ferment and break down the uric acid from the shark's urine

Jellyfish Ice Cream

Real Dish (True)

I Wish (False)

39% got this right

Tango Jersey Dairy produces a vanilla and jellyfish ice cream, using cubes of diced jellyfish soaked in milk.

Which is the real dish?

Boiled Duck Embryo

Pickled Cocoons

Tadpole Ice Cream

Vinegar-soaked Turtle Eggs

53% got this right

Balut is a delicacy in the Philippines where duck embryos are boiled in their shells. The juices are particularly savory

Which is the real dish?

Stir-fried rocks

Fermented Moss

Grilled Chalk

Pickled Leather

Hard  24% got this right

Suodiu, which means "suck and dispose", is a dish where you don't actually eat the rocks but suckle the flavor off them.

Apple Seed Jam

I Wish (False)

Real Dish (True)

36% got this right

While apple seeds are generally safe in small doses, ingesting around 200 will produce enough cyanide to kill you.

Which is the real dish?

Snail Caviar

Boiled Ladybugs

Brined Slugs

Poached Squid Ink

38% got this right

Also known as Escargot pearls, it's considered a luxury in the ancient world.

Which is the real dish?

Fried Duck Tongue

Baked Duck Feet

Grilled Duck Brain

Stuffed Duck Lungs

Hard  24% got this right

A delicacy in Singapore, Duck tongues have fatty pockets that just melt when fried like bacon.

Snake Wine

Real Dish (True)

I Wish (False)

71% got this right

Live snakes are stuffed into bottles before being filled with alcohol to produce Snake Wine. It's 99.9% safe to drink.

Final round coming up. Pick as many real dishes as you can. Good luck!


Which are the real dishes?

Bird Spit Soup

Fried Silkworms

Lamb Brain Curry

Dolphin Cheese Ramen

61% got this right

Congratulations on getting through this! Still got an appetite?