August 2022 News

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What is the name of the last Soviet leader who passed away at the age 91 in August 2022?

Mikhail Gorbachev

Dmitry Peskov

Leonid Brezhnev

Nikita Khrushchev

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After more than 50 years of public service, which medical professional announced his retirement?

Anthony Fauci

Sean Harper

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte

Ronny Jackson

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Who won the G.O.P. House primary in Wyoming?

Harriet Hageman

Liz Cheney

Lisa Murkowski

Sarah Palin

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Which actress passed away on August 8 from cancer?

Olivia Newton-John

Nichelle Nichols

Denise Dowse

Mary Alice

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Which U.S. women’s basketball star was sentenced to 9 years in a Russian prison?

Brittney Griner

Sue Bird

Tamika Catchings

Diana Taurasi

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After dating for nine months, which celebrity couple split up in August?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy

Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick

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Which American politician visited Taiwan in early August?

Nancy Pelosi

Joe Biden

Kamala Harris

Mitch McConnell

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Which Trump property was raided by the FBI?


Seven Springs

Trump Tower Penthouse

Le Château des Palmiers

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Which author was stabbed onstage at an event in New York City?

Salman Rushdie

James Patterson

Stuart Woods

Colleen Hoover

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What type of debt will be forgiven under the plan President Biden announced in August?




Car loan