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Mugshots of famous people

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11 questions
A quiz featuring the mugshots of various celebrities

Which famous rock singer's mugshot was taken after being arrested in 1967?

Mick Jagger

David Bowie

Jim Morrison

John Lennon

36% got this right

Mick Jagger's arrest in 1967 was as a result of a drug raid at Keith Richards' home.

This revolutionary was repeatedly arrested - this mugshot was taken in 1911. Who was he?

Joseph Stalin

Adolf Hitler

Benito Mussolini

Vladimir Lenin

40% got this right

Stalin was training to be a priest in the Georgian Orthodox Church and spent five years in a seminary before he left.

Why was Keanu Reeves arrested in 1993?

Drunk driving


Possession of marijuana


38% got this right

Keanu Reeves played bass guitar in a band called Dogstar in the 90s.

Whose mugshot, from 1976, is this?

David Bowie

Iggy Pop

Mick Jagger

Roger Waters

58% got this right

David Bowie was arrested with Iggy Pop in 1976 for possession of marijuana.

Which fresh faced 13 year old is still famous today?


Ann Wilson

Patti Smith

Tina Turner

38% got this right

Cherilyn Sarkisian was arrested after 'borrowing' a friend's car to go to the movies.

Who is looking so pleased about being arrested?

Justin Bieber

Lindsay Lohan

Miley Cyrus

Romeo Beckham

Easy  93% got this right

Despite his smug look, Bieber was arrested for DUI and drag racing in 2014.

Which music producer's mugshot is this?

Phil Spector

Berry Gordy

Brian Wilson

Nile Rogers

Hard  25% got this right

"River Deep – Mountain High" is deemed his best work.

Why was Eminem arrested before this mugshot picture was taken?

Carrying a concealed weapon

Drug possession



Hard  25% got this right

Eminem's arrest took place in 2000 after an altercation at a nightclub.

Whose mugshot was taken in 1999 for an alleged stabbing incident in a nightclub?


50 Cent

Puff Daddy

Snoop Dogg

72% got this right

Jay-Z's real name is Shawn Corey Carter, and he is a successful rapper, entrepreneur, and record executive.

Which crooner was charged with 'seduction and adultery' in 1938.

Frank Sinatra

Bing Crosby

Dean Martin

Perry Como

45% got this right

Frank Sinatra's charges were later dismissed due to a legal technicality.

Who is this happy guy?

Bill Gates

63% got this right

Bill Gates' mugshot was taken in 1977 when he was 22, after he was caught driving without a license.