NFL Teams - Find the State

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Where are the Bills based?

56% got this right

The Buffalo Bills appeared in a record four consecutive Super Bowls, and lost each game.

Where are the Chiefs Based?

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The 2023 Super Bowl winners were originally called the Dallas Texans.

Where are the Cowboys based?

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The Dallas Cowboys are the only team in NFL history to record 20 straight winning seasons – 1966 – 1985.

Where are the Eagles based?

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The Philadelphia Eagles played in the first televised NFL game on October 22, 1939.

Where are the Bengals based?

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The Cincinnati Bengals are one of 12 teams without a Super Bowl win.

Where are the Saints based?

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The team's name pays homage to Louis Armstrong's famous song, "When the Saints Go Marching In."

Where are the Raiders based?

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The Las Vegas Raiders (then the Oakland Raiders) were one of the 8 original teams of the American Football League.