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According to the USGA, what is the maximum number of clubs a golfer can carry in their golf bag?



No limit


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What material is inside the plastic exterior of a golf ball?




More plastic

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Where is Gleneagles golf course located?

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Which golfer holds the record for most wins at The Masters between 1934 and 2019?

Jack Nicklaus

Phil Mickelson

Danny Willett

Patrick Reed

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What is Tiger Woods's real name?

Eldrick Tont Woods

Tony Earl Woods

Darius Anthony Woods

Anthony Earl Woods

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Who is the only golfer to ever achieve a Grand Slam?

Bobby Jones

Tiger Woods

Jack Nicklaus

Arnold Palmer

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What is the national governing body for golf in the USA?

United States Golf Association

USA Golf

Golf America

Golf USA

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Who was the first American to win the US Open?

John McDermott

Francis Ouimet

Chick Evans

Walter Hagen

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Who won the first post-WWII British Open?

Sam Snead

Dick Burton

Reg Whitcombe

Fred Daly

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In which event do teams from the USA and Europe compete?

Ryder Cup

The Masters

US Open

British Open

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