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Just a little quiz I made for fun :)
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#1  Buttons  20 seconds  26% correct rate  

Naruto: What is forbidden in the Leaf Village Chunin exams?

Using Senjutsu

Killing other participants

Cheating on the written test


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HxH: What is the advanced Nen technique that allows a user to extend their aura further than normal using Ten and Ren?





Zeno Zoldyck, one of the most powerful assassins alive, is able to extend his En up to a radius of 300 meters

#3  Buttons  20 seconds  63% correct rate

What anime is this track from?

Fairy Tail

Black Clover

Katekyo Hitman Reborn


#4  Buttons  20 seconds  29% correct rate  

One Piece: Which of these characters have never successfully escaped from the sixth level of Impel Down?





#5  Buttons  20 seconds  34% correct rate  

Bleach: Which one of these Espadas have a second Resurrección?

Ulquiorra Cifer

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Nnoitra Gilga

Baraggan Louisenbairn

#6  Buttons  20 seconds  26% correct rate  

Demon Slayer: Which of these is NOT an actual Thunder Breathing form Zenitsu uses?

Second Form: Sixfold Lightning Fang

First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, Godspeed

Seventh Form: Flaming Thunder God

First Form: Thunderclap and Flash

#7  Buttons  20 seconds  54% correct rate

AoT: Who was the previous inheritor of the Attack Titan before Eren Yeager?

Grisha Yeager

Eren Kruger

Frieda Reiss

Lara Tybur

#8  Buttons  20 seconds  31% correct rate  

Kaguya-sama: Which of these fears does Miyuki Shirogane have?

Entomophobia (fear of bugs)

Claustrophobia (fear of being in confined spaces)

Hypochondria (fear of becoming ill)

Acrophobia (fear of heights)

#9  Buttons  20 seconds  28% correct rate  

One Punch Man: Who has the lowest known 'Intelligence' stat out of all the S-Class heroes, at 3?

Metal Bat

Watchdog Man

Puri-Puri Prisoner

Pig God

#10  Type answer  30 seconds  32% correct rate  

Akame Ga Kill!: Also known Imperial Arms, what is another name for the relics the characters use to battle?



#11  Buttons  20 seconds  42% correct rate

Your Lie in April: What is the classical piece Kaori plays during the first round of the violin competition?

Beethoven – Violin Sonata No. 9 (Kreutzer Sonata) (1st Movement)

Chopin – Etude Op. 25, No. 5

Chopin – Etude Op. 25, No. 11 (Winter Wind)

Debussy – Suite bergamasque (3rd Movement) (Clare de lune)

#12  Buttons  20 seconds  26% correct rate  

Jujutsu Kaisen: How many consecutive Black Flashes was Yuji able to land on Hanami, tie-ing Nanami's record?





#13  Buttons  20 seconds  52% correct rate

Haikyuu!!: What was the final score for the Karasuno-Shiratorizawa match in the Miyagi Spring Tournament Qualifiers?





#14  Buttons  20 seconds  34% correct rate  

Moriarty the Patriot: Who is the main antagonist of the series?

Sherlock Holmes

William James Moriarty

Albert James Moriarty

Jack Renfield (Jack the Ripper)

#15  Buttons  20 seconds  38% correct rate

91 Days: What is the name of the crime family that murders Angelo's relatives at the start of the series?





Passione is from Jojo: Golden Wind, Changretta is from Peaky Blinders, and Soprano is from The Sopranos

#16  Buttons  20 seconds  46% correct rate

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Diamond is Unbreakable): What is the name of the final villain's Stand?

Killer Queen

Crazy Diamond

Red Hot Chili Pepper

Highway Star

#17  Buttons  20 seconds  30% correct rate  

Akudama Drive: Who are these two characters?

Brawler and Execution Master

Cutthroat and Hoodlum

Doctor and Courier

Brawler and Doctor

This anime features an original story by the creator of Danganronpa, Kazutaka Kodaka.

#18  Buttons  20 seconds  30% correct rate  

Great Pretender: Which of these places is NOT shown in the series?




Los Angeles

#19  Buttons  20 seconds  25% correct rate  

Fate/Apocrypha: What is the name of the Rider-class Servant with the green hair in this fight?





This is a dude

#20  Buttons  20 seconds  58% correct rate

The Rising of the Shield Hero: Which of these is NOT a Legendary Weapon introduced at the start of the series?





#21  Buttons  20 seconds  42% correct rate

Shokugeki no Souma: What is the specialty of the Elite Ten member that Souma faces in the Régiment de Cuisine Round 1?





#22  Buttons  20 seconds  39% correct rate

My Hero Academia: How does Himiko Toga's quirk evolve in her fight against Curious in the Meta Liberation Army arc?

She can use the Quirks of the people she transforms into

She can stay transformed for a longer period of time

She only needs to touch other people to transform into them

She can transform the appearance of the people she takes blood from

#23  Buttons  20 seconds  25% correct rate  

Bungou Stray Dogs: What is the ability Dazai suggests Chuuya use during the fight with John Steinbeck and H.P Lovecraft?


Dogra Magra

No Longer Human

The Grapes of Wrath

#24  Buttons  20 seconds  44% correct rate

Tower of God: What is the name of the 13th Month Series weapon that Yuri Jahad lends to Baam before the first test?

Black March

Green April

Yellow May

Dark September

#25  Buttons  20 seconds  19% correct rate  

Dr. Stone: What does Senku invent while Tsukasa buys time during their fight with Hyoga in order to defeat him?

Stun gun

Flash grenade



#26  Buttons  20 seconds  35% correct rate

Fire Force: They have the ability to generate their own flames, either from their body or through a certain object.

Definition of Third Generation users

Definition of First Generation users

Definition of Second Generation users

Definition of Fourth Generation users

#27  Buttons  20 seconds  46% correct rate

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: What type of dragon is Veldora, who the slime meets in the cave at the start?

Storm Dragon

Scorch Dragon

White Ice Dragon

Star King Dragon

#28  Buttons  20 seconds  31% correct rate  

Death Note: What fake rule was added to the Death Note to clear Yagami Light of suspicions?

If the Note is made unusable, all humans who have touched it will die

The Note won't work unless the writer has the person's face in their mind

If the cause of death is not specified, the default is a heart attack

After writing the cause, the time limit to write details is 6mins 40secs

#29  Buttons  20 seconds  42% correct rate

Soul Eater: Who became the first Kishin by feeding his/her Demon Weapon a large amount of pure human souls?


Medusa Gorgon

Arachne Gorgon


#30  Buttons  20 seconds  34% correct rate  

Mob Psycho 100: Which of these is NOT an ability that the esper Ryo Shimazaki possesses?

Energy Absorption


Extrasensory Perception & Movement Prediction