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The Valiant Little Tailor

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What did the little tailor do that initially boosted his ego?

Killed seven flies

Killed seven bears

Killed seven giants

Killed seven wolves

Hard  22% got this right


Why did the little tailor create a belt with the words "Seven at One Stroke"?

To remember his seven victories

To hold up his pants

To impress the king

To show off his sewing skills

Hard  19% got this right


How did the little tailor outwit the two giants he encountered on his journey?

By using clever manipulation and boasting

By challenging them to a physical duel

By hiding and avoiding them

By seeking help from the king

Hard  21% got this right


What were the three tasks set by the king for the little tailor?

Capture a unicorn, catch a wild boar, and bring back a giant

Bake a thousand pies, sew a hundred dresses, and build a castle

Find the lost treasure, tame a dragon, and compose a song

Slain a dragon, rescue a princess, and solve a riddle

Hard  0% got this right


How did the tailor successfully complete the third task of bringing back a fierce giant?

He used a nearby well to capture and seal the giant

He challenged the giant to a wrestling match

He convinced the giant to follow him willingly

He used a magical sword

Hard  31% got this right


Why did the little tailor feel uneasy about accepting the king's reward?

He had deceived the king and the giants

He had lost his belt

He realized the king was dishonest

He was not happy with the princess

Hard  11% got this right


What did the tailor request from the king in lieu of a reward?

The hand of the princess in marriage

A bag of gold coins

A belt with the king's name on it

The king's royal horse

64% got this right


How did the story end for the tailor after he married the princess?

He lived happily ever after with his princess

He became a king and ruled the kingdom

He continued his journey to seek more adventures

He went back to being a simple tailor

Hard  22% got this right


What is the main theme of the story "The Valiant Little Tailor"?

Intelligence and resourcefulness are valuable

Honesty is the best policy

Physical strength is everything

Small people can't achieve great things

55% got this right


Which task set by the king did the tailor use a well to his advantage?

Bringing back a fierce giant

Capturing a unicorn

Catching a wild boar

None of the above

55% got this right