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Unusual Natural Phenomena Around The World

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Explore the world's most bizarre and mysterious natural occurrences and phenomena in this intriguing quiz.
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What is the name of the phenomenon where stones move on their own in Death Valley?

Sailing Stones

Drifting Boulders

Rolling Pebbles

Wandering Rocks

Hard  25% got this right

These stones move due to a combination of wind, ice, and water.
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In which country can you find the Door to Hell, a natural gas field that has been burning since 1971?

Hard  16% got this right

The fire was lit by geologists to prevent the spread of methane gas.

Where in South America can you find this Liquid Rainbow River?

Hard  20% got this right

The Caño Cristales river in La Macarena, Colombia has rich reds, yellows, greens and purples flow down the river.
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What is the name of the phenomenon where fish and other aquatic creatures fall from the sky?

Animal Rain

Aqua Storm

Fishy Showers

Marine Deluge

Hard  17% got this right

This phenomenon occurs when tornadoes or waterspouts pick up and transport aquatic animals.
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Where is the Bermuda Triangle located?

Hard  24% got this right

The Bermuda Triangle is infamous for mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft.

Which lake in Russia can you find these turquoise ice formations?

Hard  7% got this right

Lake Baikal in Russia is a gem of a lake. It’s the oldest, deepest, clearest, and largest freshwater lake in the world.

Which country in Asia can you find a volcano with a brilliant blue fire?

Hard  26% got this right

Kawah Ijen volcano Sulfuric gas in extreme pressures dazzle in blue as soon as it comes in contact with the air outside.
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How many years does it take for the Blood Falls in Antarctica to release water?


47% got this right

The red color is due to iron oxide, giving the appearance of blood.
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Which of these are bioluminescent organisms? (Select all that apply)




Glowing Cacti

43% got this right

Bioluminescence is the production of light by living organisms.

Is this a real place?

Yes, but it's a filter that amplifies these colours.


Yes, but it's on Mars.

78% got this right

The Danxia landform is found in China formed from red-coloured sandstones and conglomerates.