United States Monuments

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What is this monument called?

Mount Rushmore

Little Bighorn

Hovenweep National Monument

Presidential Mountain

Mount Rushmore was meant to portray the presidents to the waist.

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Where is this statue located?

The Statue of Liberty was built in France.

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What is the name of this bridge?

Golden Gate Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Mackinac Bridge

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

When opening, it was the tallest and longest suspension bridge in the world.

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Where was this photo taken?

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Which president is featured in this monument?

Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

Alexander Hamilton

John Quincy Adams

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Where was this photo taken?

Every 72 minutes, the ball of Reunion Tower makes a full rotation.

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What is the name of this monument?

Gateway Arch

Heaven's Gate

Victory Gate

Roosevelt Arch

The Gateway Arch is the world's tallest arch.

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Where was this photo taken?

The design of Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean," in Chicago was inspired by liquid mercury.

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Which national monument is this?

Devils Tower

Devils Postpile



Devils Tower is the oldest established national monument.

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Which president is honored by this memorial?

Thomas Jefferson

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Benjamin Franklin

The photo features the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.