Peaky Blinders

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A quiz about the popular British television series, Peaky Blinders.
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Who leads the Peaky Blinders?

Thomas Shelby

Arthur Shelby

John Shelby

Polly Gray

53% got this right

Cillian Murphy plays the role of Thomas Shelby.

Where is Peaky Blinders set?

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The show is set in Birmingham, England, during the aftermath of World War I.

What is the name of the main gang in the series?

Peaky Blinders

Shelby Brothers

Manchester Men

Brighton Boys

69% got this right

The gang is named after their practice of sewing razor blades into their caps.
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Who is the creator of Peaky Blinders?

Steven Knight

Stephen Frears

David Hare

Peter Morgan

Hard  33% got this right

Steven Knight is also known for his work on Eastern Promises and Locke.

Which is a rival gang in the series?

Birmingham Boys


Manchester Men

London Lads

65% got this right

In the series, the Peaky Blinders contend with the Birmingham Boys and the Sabini gang.
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What is the name of Thomas Shelby's love interest in season 1?

Grace Burgess

Ada Thorne

Lizzie Stark

May Carleton

Hard  33% got this right

Grace Burgess secretly operated as an undercover agent for the Birmingham Police
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Which historical figure does Tom Hardy portray in the series?

Alfie Solomons

Winston Churchill

Charles Sabini

Billy Kimber

53% got this right

Alfie Solomons is a fictional character based on a real-life London gang leader.

What is the name of the horse that Thomas Shelby buys in season 2?

Grace's Secret


Black Beauty

Midnight Runner

42% got this right

Thomas Shelby names the horse after his love interest, Grace.