Dude Perfect Quiz

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10 months ago

#1  Buttons  20 seconds  45% correct rate

Who is NOT a part of Dude Perfect?

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Toney

Cody Jones

Coby Cotton

#2  Location  50 seconds  9% correct rate  

Where is Dude Perfect based?

Dude Perfect is based in Frisco, Texas.

#3  Buttons  20 seconds  27% correct rate  

Where did the group meet?

Texas A&M University

University of Texas

America's Got Talent

Plano Senior High school

#4  Buttons  20 seconds  22% correct rate  

What is the name of the summer camp where Dude Perfect's second viral video was filmed?

Sky Ranch

Camp Longhorn

Pine Cove

Camp Olympia

#5  Buttons  20 seconds  53% correct rate

What is the mascot of Dude Perfect?





#6  Buttons  20 seconds  36% correct rate

Which country music star collaborated with Dude Perfect?

Tim McGraw

Jason Aldean

Toby Keith

Garth Brooks

#7  Buttons  20 seconds  23% correct rate  

What product did Dude Perfect create with Serious Bean Co.?

A new flavor of baked beans

Ready-to-eat beans and rice

Trick jelly beans

Oversized bean bag chairs

Serious Bean Co. collaborated with Dude Perfect on Jalapeño & Bacon Beans.

#8  Location  50 seconds  50% correct rate

Where did the group set the Guinness world record for the longest basketball shot in 2009?

Dude Perfect set the record in 2009 by shooting from the third deck of Kyle Field (Texas A&M).

#9  Buttons  20 seconds  39% correct rate

As of March 2022, how many subscribers does Dude Perfect have on YouTube?

57 million

108 million

22 million

2 million

#10  Buttons  20 seconds  42% correct rate

Which is NOT a segment on Dude Perfect's show, Overtime?


Absurd Recurds

Cool Not Cool

Wheel Unfortunate