American Sports Teams

Questions about American sports teams.
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Which team won the first MLB World Series?

Boston Red Sox

Chicago White Sox

New York Yankees

Pittsburgh Pirates

Founded in 1901. The Red Sox' home ballpark has been Fenway Park since 1912.

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Where is the Ravens NFL team based?

The team plays its home games at M&T Bank Stadium and is headquartered in Owings Mills, Maryland.

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Where is the Wild NHL team based?




New Jersey

The Minnesota Wild are a professional ice hockey team based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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Which NBA team is based in Charlotte, NC?





The Charlotte Hornets play their home games at the Spectrum Center.

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Where was the NHL founded?





The National Hockey League was organized at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal on November 26, 1917.

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Which team is responsible for the "Immaculate Reception" in 1972?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cleveland Browns

Los Angeles Rams

Founded in 1933, the Steelers are the seventh-oldest franchise in the NFL, and the oldest franchise in the AFC.

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Which sports team was founded by the Walt Disney Company?

Anaheim Ducks

Los Angeles Lakers

Oakland Athletics

Los Angeles Sparks

The team was founded in 1993 as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, a name based on the 1992 film The Mighty Ducks.

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Which NBA team moved from Baltimore to Landover, Maryland in 1973?

Washington Wizards

Washington Senators

Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Colts

The team plays its home games at the Capital One Arena, in the Chinatown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

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Between 1947 and 2019, which NBA team has won the most championships?

Boston Celtics

Golden State Warriors

San Antonio Spurs

Chicago Bulls

Founded in 1946 as one of the league's original eight teams, the Celtics play their home games at TD Garden.

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Which football team is nicknamed America's Team?

Dallas Cowboys

Las Vegas Raiders

Green Bay Packers

San Francisco 49ers

The team is headquartered in Frisco, Texas, and plays its home games at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas