Predict the future

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6 months ago

#1  Buttons  45 seconds

What will the dog do?

Run away with cart

Bark loudly

Trip the lady over

Reverse into table

#2  Buttons  20 seconds

What will happen to the boy?

Hit a tree

Almost hit by car

Jumped by cat

Let a loud fart

#3  Buttons  20 seconds

What happens to the car next?


Rolls away



#4  Buttons  20 seconds

What will happen to the speaker pyramid?


Start playing loud music

Catch fire


#5  Buttons  20 seconds

What happens next?

Man trips on equipment

Ball bounce to next lane

Woman with hat appears

Bowling pin bounce to ceiling

#6  Buttons  20 seconds

What happens?

Car falls over

Concrete crashes car

Car catches fire

Driver falls out

#7  Buttons  20 seconds

What happens during this coffee break?

Bench collapses

Couple kiss

Man farts

Woman fall forward

#8  Buttons  20 seconds

What could go wrong here?

Bike and driver fall over

Car rolls away

Bike accelerate into car

Bike reverse down and fall

#9  Buttons  20 seconds

Guess what happens?

Cake falls to ground

Cake explodes as prank

Girl throws up

Mother gets cake in face

#10  Buttons  20 seconds

Guess what happens next?

Cake in face deluxe

Nobody is home

Lady farts

Cake catches fire