Tour de France

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Who gets to wear the polka-dot jersey in Tour de France?

The fastest climber

The overall leader

The fastest overall rider under the age of 25

The fastest sprinter

The original sponsor of the jersey was Chocolat Poulain, and the wrapper of the chocolate bar was polka dotted.

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Five time winner Eddy Merckx had a nickname that spoke of his reputation, what was it?

The Cannibal

Il Pirata

Le Monster

The Boss

Eddy Merckx' victories include an unequalled eleven Grand Tours.

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What's the name of this Spanish five-time winner?


Miguel Indurain

Induráin's ability and physical size earned him the nickname "Miguelón" or "Big Mig".

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"The bald mountain" has appeared in many tours, but what is its name?

Mont Ventoux

Cime de la Bonette

Ballon d'Alsace

Grand Colombier

Tour de France has ascended the mountain eighteen times since 1951.

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Who made this Tour de France song?


Jean-Michel Jarre

Gary Numan

Giorgio Moroder

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Lance Armstrong was stripped of all his titles after the doping scandal. How many were they?





That's seven consecutive titles.

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Who was this Italian climbing specialist, also known as "the Pirate"?

Marco Pantani

Richard Virenque

Claudio Chiappucci

Giovanni Battaglin

Pantani recorded the fastest ever climbs up the Tour’s iconic venues of Mont Ventoux and Alpe d'Huez.

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The last time a French rider won the tour was in 1985. Who was he?

Bernard Hinault

Laurent Fignon

Bernard Thévenet

Roger Pingeon

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Who holds the record for most final green jerseys?

Peter Sagan

Erik Zabel

Sean Kelly

Djamolidine Abdoujaparov

Slovakian rider Peter Sagan has seven wins.