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Tour de France

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9 questions
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Who gets to wear the polka-dot jersey in Tour de France?

The fastest climber

The fastest overall rider under the age of 25

The fastest sprinter

The overall leader

41% got this right

The original sponsor of the jersey was Chocolat Poulain, and the wrapper of the chocolate bar was polka dotted.

Five time winner Eddy Merckx had a nickname that spoke of his reputation, what was it?

The Cannibal

Il Pirata

Le Monster

The Boss

HardΒ Β 34% got this right

Eddy Merckx' victories include an unequalled eleven Grand Tours.

What's the name of this Spanish five-time winner?


Miguel Indurain

41% got this right

IndurΓ‘in's ability and physical size earned him the nickname "MiguelΓ³n" or "Big Mig".

"The bald mountain" has appeared in many tours, but what is its name?

Mont Ventoux

Ballon d'Alsace

Cime de la Bonette

Grand Colombier

54% got this right

Tour de France has ascended the mountain eighteen times since 1951.

Who made this Tour de France song?


Gary Numan

Giorgio Moroder

Jean-Michel Jarre

HardΒ Β 26% got this right


Lance Armstrong was stripped of all his titles after the doping scandal. How many were they?

0 β€”
β€” 20

HardΒ Β 25% got this right

That's seven _consecutive_ titles.

Who was this Italian climbing specialist, also known as "the Pirate"?

Marco Pantani

Claudio Chiappucci

Giovanni Battaglin

Richard Virenque

49% got this right

Pantani recorded the fastest ever climbs up the Tour’s iconic venues of Mont Ventoux and Alpe d'Huez.

The last time a French rider won the tour was in 1985. Who was he?

Bernard Hinault

Bernard ThΓ©venet

Laurent Fignon

Roger Pingeon

43% got this right

48 random squares

Who holds the record for most final green jerseys?

Peter Sagan

Djamolidine Abdoujaparov

Erik Zabel

Sean Kelly

50% got this right

Slovakian rider Peter Sagan has seven wins.