Video game developers

How well do you know your video game developers?
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4 weeks ago

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What video game developer has this logo?

Arc System Works

Arcen Games


Arena Works

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Which of these games is not a Capcom product?

Dead Island

Devil May Cry

Resident Evil

Dead Rising

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Name the French studio behind the 'A Plague Tale' games.

Asobo Studio

Alain Studio

Assez Studio

Avoir Studio

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Which video game developer is currently working on the Silent Hill 2 remake?

Bloober Team

Bluepoint Games

Bluehole Studio

Blomberg Foundation

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Which of these classic games is not a LucasArts product?

Broken Sword

Grim Fandango

Maniac Mansion

Monkey Island

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What video game developer has this logo?





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Which of these video games series is not a Konami product?

Streets of Rage

Silent Hill

Metal Gear


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Which indie game developer is behind 'Gone Home'?


Don't Nod

Heart Machine

Mobius Digital

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Which indie developer blessed us with 2007's 'Pain'?

Deck Nine Games

Subset Games

Blendo Games

Extremely OK Games

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Which of these is not an Australian video game developer?

Moon Studios

Halfbrick Studios

Big Ant Studios

Firemonkeys Studios

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Which indie video game developer is behind games such as 'Primordia' and 'Gemini Rue'?

Wadjet Eye Games

Wolfire Games

Blackwell Games

Basilisk Games

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Which of these video game studios was NOT founded by former LucasArts employees?

Cyan Inc

Double Fine Productions

Telltale Games

Autumn Moon Entertainment

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Which of these titles is not a Frictional Games product?





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Which of these Rockstar studios no longer exists?

Rockstar Vancouver

Rockstar London

Rockstar North

Rockstar San Diego

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Who founded FromSoftware, the developer behind the Soulsborne series?

Naotoshi Zin

Hidetaka Miyazaki

Motoi Sakuraba

Kazuhiro Hamatani