Rivers Of The World

For European Rivers, please see my quiz "Rivers Of Europe"
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This Sacred river of India flows through Kolkata and Varanasi amongst other places.

The Ganges

The Yangtze

The Indus

The Brahmaputra

Considered a sacred river as it is considered a personification of the Goddess Ganga

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What is the longest river in the USA?

The Missouri

The Mississippi

The Rio Grande

The Colorado

Apparently the Missouri river is just 1km longer than the Mississippi.

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In Which Country would you find the Murray and the Darling river?



New Zealand

The United States

The Murray is Australias Longest River.

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Click on the map where you may find the Orinoco River?

Flowing through Venezuela and Colombia

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Cities such as Kinshasa and Brazzaville sit on one of Africa's longest rivers called

The Congo

The Zambezi

The Nile

The Limpopo

Kinshasa and Brazaville in the Congo.

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What is the name of the longest river in China?

The Yangtze

The Mekong

The Yellow River

The Yarlung Tsangpo

The river also flows entirely within China.

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What is the name of the longest river in Africa?

The Nile


Arguably the longest in the world.

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The Irrawady river flows through which country?

Burma (Myanmar)




The countries longest river at 2,288 km

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What is the name of the longest river in South America?

The Amazon


Arguably the longest in the world.

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Which Countries does the Tigris run through?

Turkey, Syria and Iraq

Jordan, Lebanon and Israel

Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan

It also runs partially into Iran too.