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Guess the KPOP song- 2022 Edition 1

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20 questions
Test your knowledge of Kpop songs from this year (Part 2 coming soon)

Name the song

Pop! by Nayeon

INVU by Taeyeon

Make Me Happy by Whee In

Sparkling by Chung Ha

Easy  80% got this right

Twice's Nayeon released Pop! on Jun 24, 2022 as the title track for her solo debut EP Im Nayeon

Name the song

Anthem of Teen Spirit (학원歌) by Epex

Adrenaline by Cravity

Feelin' Like by Pentagon

Stupid O'clock by Victon

Hard  32% got this right

Anthem of Teen Spirit or 학원歌 is the title track of Epex 3rd EP Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1. '21st Century Boys'

Name the song

Good Boy Gone Bad by Tomorrow x Together

Glitch Mode by NCT Dream

거미줄(VENOM) by Stray Kids

둠두둠 (Doom Du Doom) by P1Harmony

62% got this right

Good Boy Gone Bad is title track of TXT's 5th EP Minisode 2: Thursday's Child

Name the Song

Smiley (feat Bibi) by Yena

Rain Song (비 오는 날 듣기 좋은 노래) by Younha

나빌레라 (Nabillera) by HyunA

러브 쉿! (Love Shhh!) by Jo Yuri

42% got this right

Smiley is Yena's solo debut song on the EP of the same name, released on January 17, 2022

Name the song

That That by Psy (feat. Suga)

Brand New by Xiumin

No Rules by Baekho

Panorama (파노라마) by Lee Chanhyuk

Easy  88% got this right

Psy 9th is Psy's first release in five years since 4X2=8. The lead single, That That features and is produced by Suga.

Name the song

Adrenaline by Cravity

Future Perfect (Pass the Mic) by Enhypen

Still Life by Big Bang

직진 (JIKJIN) by Treasure

45% got this right

Adrenaline is the title track of Cravity's second studio album, Liberty: In Our Cosmos

Name the song

Tomboy by (G)I-DLE

Chiquita by Rocket Punch

Dilemma by Apink

Savage by Aespa

75% got this right

Tomboy is the title track of (G)-Idle's first studio album, I Never Die

Name the song

More by J-hope

Devil by Max Changmin

Upside Down by Kang Daniel

가솔린 (Gasoline) by Key

79% got this right

J-hope released Jack in the Box, his first studio album, on July 15, 2022. The lead single more was released on July 1

Name the song

Guerilla by Ateez

Blind Love by Great Guys

Creature by E'Last

Maniac by Stray Kids

46% got this right

Guerilla is the title track of the group's 9th EP The World EP.1: Movement.

Name the song

Wa Da Da Kep1er

Bop Bop by Viviz

Catch the Stars by Woo!ah!

Talk that Talk by Twice

52% got this right

Kep1er debuted on January 3, 2022 with the EP First Impact. The group formed through the show Girls Planet 999

Name the song

Creature by E'last

All eyes down(비상) by Luminous

Blessed-Cursed by Enhypen

Villain by Drippin

Hard  17% got this right


Name the song

458 by CIX

Love by Monsta X

RE=LOAD by JustB

너라는 이유 (BUT YOU) by iKON

Hard  20% got this right

458 is the title track for CIX's 5th EP: OK Episode 1: OK Not

Name the song

Maison by Dreamcatcher

Mascara by XG


Shut Down by Blackpink

53% got this right

Maison is the title track of Dreamcatcher's 2nd Korean studio album: Apocalypse: Save Us

Name the song

Liar by Jay Chang

BTBT by B.I.

Dessert by Kim Yohan

Love Theory by Taeyong

48% got this right

Jay Chang is a trainee under FM entertainment. Liar is produced by Roda of M.O.N.T who appears in the music video.

Name the song

Aviator by Younite

Fuego (Burn It Up) by Blank2y

Monochrome (Color) by ATBO

비켜 (MOVE) by TNX

Hard  34% got this right

Aviator is the title track of Younite's second EP "Youni-Q"

Name the song

Bop Bop by Viviz

DM by Fromis_9

Love Dive by IVE

Love in Space by Cherry Bullet

54% got this right

Viviz consists of former GFriend members: Eunha, SinB, and Umji. The group debuted on February 9, 2022

Name the song

Rush Hour by Crush (feat. J-Hope)

Ruby by Woozi

Savior by Kim Sungkyu

Winner by Ravi (feat. Ash Island)

60% got this right

Rush Hour is a digital single released on September 24, 2022.

Name the song

Drummin' by TO1

Too Bad by WEi

Whisper by The Boyz

Your Song by ONF

Hard  33% got this right

Drummin' is the title track of TO1's 5th EP "Why Not??"

Name the song

Fearless by Le Sserafim

Beautiful Monster by Stay C

Feel My Rhythm by Red Velvet

MVSK by Kep1er

63% got this right

Fearless is the title track of Le Sserafim's debut EP of the same name, released on May 2, 2022.

Name the Song

Hit The Bass by Blitzers

1, 2, 3 by AB6IX

Jaws by Bae173

TNT (Truth&Trust) by Trendz

Hard  32% got this right

Hit the Bass is the lead single on Blitzers 3rd Ep Win-Dow