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Name the Male Pro Wrestler

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What's the name of this Male Pro Wrestler?

Name this Male Pro Wrestler

Antonio Inoki

Giant Baba

Kenta Kobashi


Hard  34% got this right

He has a reign with the WWWF (now WWE) championship, that isn't officially recognized by the lineage.

Name the Male Pro Wrestler

El Genrico

Kevin Owens


Sami Zayn

56% got this right

Contrary to consistent rumors, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest El Generico & Sami Zayn are the same person

Name this Male Pro Wrestler

Johnny Gargano

Cedrick Von Haussen

Daniel Bryan

Tommaso Ciampa

46% got this right

Cedrick Von Haussen is the name of an early gimmick he had in WWE back in 2007 as the Champion of Liechtenstein

Name this Male Pro Wrestler

Abe Coleman

Buddy Rogers

Jim Londos

Ray Steele

Hard  19% got this right

He invented the dropkick and is the only pro wrestler ever to live to be `100. He passed at 101 in 2007

No, he was not the sausage king of Chicago, that was Abe Froman (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)


Name this Male Pro Wrestler

"Captain" Lou Albano

Jumpin' Jeff Farmer


Mario Mancini

Hard  31% got this right

Known to modern audiences as the host of the Super Mario Bros Super Show, he also was in multiple Cyndi Lauper videos

Name this Male Pro Wrestler

Powerhouse Hobbs

Jon Moxley

Orange Cassidy


41% got this right

On March 8, 2023 he won the AEW TNT Championship from Wardlow in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Name this guy

Tom Cruise

Brad Pitt

Coleman Domingo

Russell Crowe

Easy  80% got this right

He is not a pro wrestler at all. I just wanted to give you all a freebie! Pffft =^P

Name this Male Pro Wrestler

Buff Bagwell


Scott Hall

Scott Steiner

Hard  25% got this right

Recently featured on "Dark Side Of The Ring" covering his career from his infamous pole match to being on "Gigalos"

He actually had to save his mother from being suspended above the ring, in a Judy Bagwell On A Pole match. I am not kidding. Is it any wonder why WCW went extinct?


Name this Male Pro Wrestler

Arachna Man

Spider Man

The L.A. Basketball Man

Web Man

Hard  33% got this right

played by the late Brad Armstrong, the WCW gimmick was killed off after a lawsuit threat by Marvel Comics

Name this Male Pro Wrestler


Gene Snitsky


Stone Cold Steve Austin

58% got this right

He's won the WCW US Title twice, WCW Tage Team Title once, WCW World title once, and several titles in WWE also.

Name this Male Pro Wrestler


Captain Mayonnaise

Great Panther

Ultimate Warrior

79% got this right

The only title he has yet to win in WWE is the Intercontinental Title.

Thanks for playing, you filthy animals. I love you all!