Hobbies are a great part of what makes our life worth living and this category reflects the diversity and enjoyment of our hobbies.
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Navigating in daylight: Which two tools are necessary for Orienteering?

Compass and map.

Stick and string.

Tree moss and watch.

Pedometer and map.

Ouch! Sort of a trick question as all of the above items can be utilized for navigational purposes.

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What does it mean to grate the cheese before using it?

Shred into small pieces

Cut the rind off the cheese and cut in small cubes

Cut the rind off the cheese and cut in small cubes

None of these

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Is it a good idea to take anti-malaria medication before and during a jungle adventure?

Yes - check on the latest guidelines for each destination

No - you will probably have some immunity

Yes - just take the lowest dose you can get

No - you will probably have some immunity

The recommended treatment for malaria varies from one destination to another, even within one country the guidelines can

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What two things are recommended to wear when shooting your firearm?

ear and eye protection

warm clothes and gloves

helmet and bulletproof vest

steel toed boots and Kevlar gloves

Firearms are loud and could cause ear damage if used without protection for prolonged periods.

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When you do laundry, by what criteria should you separate the clothes to be washed?

by color and fabric

by fabric only

by designer and fabric

by type- pants, tops, etc

Clothes should be washed with those that are similar in color.

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What should you do with the pile of dirt that accumulates on the floor when you sweep?

sweep it into a dustpan

feed it to your pets

leave it on the floor

sweep it under the rug

A dustpan is an implement, usually made of plastic, designed so that you can sweep your dirt right into it.

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What is the best type of vehicle to have for safely visiting the most remote of ghost towns with your family?

Four-wheel drive truck/SUV


Two-wheel drive truck/SUV

Passenger car

A high wheel base four-wheel drive will allow you to access even remote ghost towns located high up in the mountains.

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What comes into most homes daily that could easily be recycled as wrapping paper?


grocery bag

wax paper

credit card

Newspapers are usually recycled, this is just another means to do so. They can be classy with the black and white pages

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This craft involves writers dipping nibs into ink with the end result being elegant handwriting. What craft is this?





Calligraphy is a very elegant style of writing and there are many different fonts possible.

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Ouch! I rolled over onto some sort of nut that has a cap on it. What could that be?





The acorn comes from the mighty oak tree. It has only one seed which is inside a very tough and leather-like shell.