Motorsport Quiz

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9 months ago

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How many Grade One circuits are there in the world?





There are 40 Grade One circuits for a total of 49 layouts in 27 nations as of December 2021

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Where is the legendary circuit, Nurburging Nordschleife?

This course is dubbed as ‘Green Hell’ and features a staggering 154 corners and measures 21 kilometers in length.

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What is the youngest age you can start racing in motorsport competitions?

8 years old

10 years old

12 years old

14 years old

A child as young as eight years old can start competing. There are competitions designed for all different age groups.

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Rearview mirrors were only introduced after racing drivers started using them in the 1900s. True or False?



It's true! Their original purpose was to show the drivers if any of their competitors were gaining on them.

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This driver has 80 rally wins in the World Rally Championship, including this race at the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally.

Sebastian Loeb

Sébastien Ogier

Ott Tänak

Petter Solberg

Loeb is the most successful rally driver in the history of the championship, alongside his co-driver Daniel Elena.

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What are racing tires used in top motorsport usually filled with?


Compressed air



Nitrogen is used to achieve a more consistent tire pressure.

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This is the popular race track, Laguna Seca, that features the “Corkscrew” chicane. Where is this track located?

The “Corkscrew” chicane is known as one of motorsport’s most difficult turns.

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Motorsports have never been part of the Olympics. True or False?



Motorsports were actually part of the Olympics once in 1900. The event known as the II Olympiad, was hosted by France.

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From 1958 to 2007, this country banned motor racing as an unsafe spectator sport.





This ruling was following the death of 80 people during the 24 Hours of Le Man race in 1922.

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What is the name of this popular race track in Japan?

Suzuka Circuit

Tsukuba Circuit

Autopolis International Racing Course

Okayama International Circuit

This course features the infamous 130R, ‘S’ Curves and the Degner Curve.

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This is a video of Marco Sorensen crashing during the Formula Renault 3.5 season opener. What race track is this?

Monza Circuit


Sorensen was given a five-place grid penalty for causing the crash that flipped his car over during the race.