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In Hong Kong, Mcdonald's offers wedding packages. What are the wedding cakes made out of?

Apple pies


Smashed oreos

Chocolate chip cookies

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Marshmallows were used during the Renaissance period as an herbal remedy for sore throats. True or False?



It's true! Marshmallow are made from the mallow plant (Athaea officinalis) that grows wild in marshes.

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In 1897, who teamed up with a candy maker, John C. Wharton, to invent machine-spun cotton candy?

A dentist

A child

A carnival worker

A train conductor

Machine-spun cotton candy was invented by William Morrison, a dentist who wanted to keep business profitable.

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What country was the Cinnamon Roll invented in?

In 1999, Sweden designated October 4th as "Cinnamon Roll Day" to honor its invention.

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Why did women put cakes under their pillows in the 17th century?

To dream of their future spouses

To have a snack during the night

To make them sweeter in the morning

As an added cushion for their head

It's true! It is still a discussed tradition. Single wedding guests should sleep with leftover cake under their pillow.

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This is a video showing a woman using the world's first-ever Cupcake ATM. What city is it located in?

Beverly Hills




On March 6, 2012, Sprinkles Cupcakes opened the world's first Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills.

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In 2005, what type of cookie predicted the winning Powerball lottery numbers?

Fortune Cookie

A Fortune Cookie


There were 110 winning tickets with a total payout $19.400.000 spit among the winners.

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German chocolate cake, a layered cake filled and topped with coconut pecan frosting. What country did it originate in?





Its namesake is Sam German, an American chocolatier who created the baking chocolate used in the cake.

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This is showing the process that companies use to create ice cream ads. What food are they using for the ice cream?

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatos



They use mashed potatoes to avoid the melting mess that actual ice cream would make during the long production hours.

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What came first, the chocolate chip or the chocolate chip cookie?

The chocolate chip cookie

The chocolate chip

The chocolate chip wasn't invented until 1941, 4 years after someone decided to add cut-up chocolate into cookie dough.