Cryptids of the World (hard)

A quiz about various cryptids of the world. While making this I tried to steer clear of creatures with mythological origins, such as the kelpie or dragons
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4 weeks ago

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Chupacabra is a cryptid originally sighted in Puerto Rico. What does Chupacabra translate to?


Goat demon


Spanish goatman

Chupacabra's name consists of two Spanish words, chupar, ''to suck'' and ''cabras'' meaning goats

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What animal does the Loch Ness monster bear a striking resemblance to?

a plesiosaur

a coelacanth

an extinct species of water-giraffe

a diplodocus

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Where was the most famous sighting of the mothman?

A Mothman museum is also located in point pleasant. It is usually open from 10am to 5pm every day

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Barghest is a cryptid from Northern England. What species is it said to be?

a black dog

a black horse

a massive raven

an unidentified bipedal creature

The Barghest is described to be a massive black dog with sharp teeth and claws

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the skinwalker, while not a cryptid, can be traced back to what culture's myths and legends?

A native american Navajo tribe

Ancient egypt

Mayan culture

Trick question, skinwalkers are not depicted in any myths or legends

In Navajo mythology skinwalkers are harmful witches that have the ability to transform and possess animals and humans

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What cryptid partially inspired the sandworms from Dune?

Mongolian death worm




The original Mongolian name for the death worm translates to ''Large intestine worm''

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Dobhar-chú is a large otter-like creature from which country?


Dobhar-chú's name roughly translates to ''water dog'' or ''water hound''. It is also called King Otter in some cases

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Selma, also known as Seljordsormen is a lake monster from what country?


The Selma is also depicted in the coat of arms of Seljord, Telemark